Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Moved to Southkorea - new chapter in life!

So the time finally came, and I moved to Southkorea after almost a year of waiting and looking forward to this trip!!
I left Denmark monday the 15th Feb. Here I meet up with Joakim and Linda whome also will live in Southkorea for 6 months! 
The day before my departure, me and my family and best friend Ida drove to Copenhagen to stay the night, so that we wouldn't have to wake up so early Monday morning.
I look so tired Sunday morning in the car!!

Me and Ida stayed at my sisters place and my parents stayed at a motel.
That evening we went out to have Chinese food.

The next morning I woke up after almost no sleep.. To excited to sleep. feeling so sick and tired. After breakfast we went to the airport..
Me and Ida:

I got some money from my dad so that I could buy some lunch.  I bought a chicken sandwich!

There were so many people at the boarding room, but hey nothing compared to the Seoul XP

On the plane going to London to change flight!

At the airport at Heathtrow waiting for the next flight. Here I bought a vanilla cafelatte XD
Linda and Joakim:

Me and Linda

All of us!

My seat for 11 hours on our flight to Hong Kong.. I became so restless in the end.

The dinner menu and some random coupon 

I got my seat changed so that I could be seated next to Linda well with a walkspace between us. So nice of the girl to change seats!!

My dinner! I chose the one with rice because I DON'T like mashed potatoes... Sorry guys it makes me vomit!! The rice meal was really great!! The best planefood I have ever had!! Even the green thingy in the left corner was great!!!

For dessert we got icecream - oreo style!!!

I watched some movies on the plane, Hotel Transyvaina 2, Man of steel (or though I fell assleep halfway through the film...), and Home (and agian I fell asleep)... 
I did not get that much sleep but maybe all in all 4 hours... I felt so bad in the plane because I was coughing, and blowing by nose all the time.. I felt bad for the Norwegians that was seated next to me.. T_T
Our next meal was breakfast and I chose the one with eggs, potatoes and sausages.. Not something I enjoyed all that much..

My belt broke.. I was so sad...

FINALLY at Hong Kong airport!!!!!

Sadly the plane was delayed for 35 minuets...

This food did not look all that appetising but it wasn't half bad... but still not good. There was to much fat on the chicken..

The sun was setting over Southkorea.. almost there!!

Sun almost gone!!!

Incheon airport!!! FINALLY!

There where no people here.. but we meet many later at arrival/immigration!!


FINALLY ENTERED Southkorea.. just went through immigration and on our way to grab our luggage!!

We meet up with Jiwa. She came to pick us up at the airport.. we then went by bus to the accommodation. And finally my long awaited room!!

My beautiful view in the night!

I met my roomies Luna (Germany) and Aino (Finland), and Luna made us an incredible dinner I was really amazed.. I tried tofu for the first time and it was really good.

My view in daytime!!

I will write about my orientation camp next.. So stay tuned!!!

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