Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Arrival camp and Dongdemun

17-18th February 2016

After we arrived in Seoul, we had to go on an arrival camp the very next day. We met up at Jong-no YMCA and together we took a bus to Darakwon campesite (YMCA campsite).
I tried to read all the korean signs while in the bus, but it went to fast.. I could not keep up…

Seoul YMCA Darakwon campsite

The campsite was amazing. There where mountains to both sides and even snow, so we got to see an amazing view af the mountain during winter time.

Darakwon mountain


On the camp we had talk about practical stuff and about our expectation to our stay there. And we made a timeline regarding our upcoming stay and how we would"predict"  it would go.

Time for Timelines!!

Later we wrote a letter to us selves which we would receive on the endcamp.

It was a nice camp and we had a lot of fun.

For dinner we had ramen 라면

Linda, my friend were going to stay with a host family, so the host father came to pick her up the next day when the camp ended.
For me and Joakim, we went home to the guesthouse and at night we went out for dinner to try the famous samgyeobsal ~delicious 

We also bought chocopai and soju… because we had to try it!

19th February - 2016

We had a day off so me and Joakim decided to go to Dongdemun because I had heard a lot of good things about the place!

It was fun to run around on our own and trying to figure out which way to go…
We found a market where they where only selling shoes.. and pretty cheap once!!!

We also saw hanbok shops in an underground shopping center:

As a little funny thing we saw, was that there were some people whom were filming for a korean drama, I believe.. (there were a big camera, and it looked like acting..!!!)

The big camera and a car

We also found a biiiig Royal Copenhagen cup!!!

I look so tiny!!

We had ramen for lunch

and that marked the end of our day ^^

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