Thursday, 19 November 2015

Danish ICYE Autumn camp 7-8th November 2015!

The picture is from ICYE's website I don't own it!!
As some people might know, I will be living in Seoul (SouthKorea) for 6 month. My trip will start on the 15th of February.. I will be going with an organisation called Danish ICYE. So because of this trip I had to go on a preparation camp with other volunteers. There where not only preparation volunteers but also home coming (volunteers that just had come home) and exchangees (the volunteers here in Denmark). 
It was a Saturday to sunday camp so I had to pack some stuff to take with me. 

The ICYE had prepared a bus from Fredericia/Middelfart for the people from Jylland and one from Odense for the people from Sjælland. I took the bus from Fredericia. So I first took the train from Esbjerg to Fredericia.

We had all received a map to where the bus would be picking us up, but a mistake had been made so we were all standing at the wrong place. while we were waiting for the bus I met two nice girls whom I talked a lot with during the camp. The names of the girls are Mie and Emmeli. 
Some of the other people waiting for the bus tried to see if the bus was waiting somewhere else, and it did so they told us and we safely arrived at the camp site called Gadsbølle School in Vissenbjerg with the bus XD 
We checked in and found ourselves af place to sleep in the mixed sleeping hall. I ended up changing my bed so one of the guys had a bed to sleep in XD So I was sleeping in top.. there were three layers (bottom, middle and top). 
After we had placed our things, it was time for lunch... and it was very nice lunch!! since I'm so stupid I forgot to take pictures of the camp.. but I have a few... During lunch I met Linda one of the people from Denmark who is also going to SouthKorea this February. She is a very nice girl and I look forward to the trip even more now!!!
Me and Linda!!!
Then Lunch had finished it was time to start the program. Preparation had to go to the prep room so we did. Here I met the other volunteers including Joakim who is the 3. person to go the Southkorea with me an Linda. He is also really nice!!
Only one of oure "Guides" had showed up his name was Andreas.. The other one was late so he arrived later his name was Tue!! 
During the day we had to do all kinds of things but the main thing was Conflict management and Culturechok, but we also had the change to talk to the exchangees and homecoming. We had a roleplaygame in groups where we had to set up a conflict which the other groups had to guess. I was grouped up with Joakim and 3 other people, an exchangee from Costa Rica and two home coming. We made a conflict were a child was being bullied by other children and the volunteer did not know have to make them stop because the children could not understand the volunteer.

Picture of the Prep room!! Linda and Joakim. The guy in the blue shirt is Rasmus, he is going to Taiwan!!
Having a break!!
The best part of the day was when me, Joakim and Linda met the exchangee from Southkorea, 유영진 aka Henry and three volunteers that have gone to Southkorea, Thomas, Vivi and Freja. Freja had just gotten home 2-3 months ago it was really nice to get to talk to her.. But talking to them all was really fun and I had a great time!!! I got Freja, Henry and Thomas's KakaoTalk (a Korean communication app) and they said that I could just text them if I had any questions and stuff!! That was so nice of them, they are all such amazing people that I'm happy to have met!! 
In the evening there was this small party or called Lounge and boardgames... which was just a name it was given but it was a party. You could buy beers, wine and ciders. I did not buy any but I received one from Freja since she got two but couldn't drink both ^^
They had a limbo game which I sadly did not get to participate in... but lets just say it was impossible for me to win.. some of the guys and some girls were extraordinary at it!!! 

Yes this is a guy!!!!!! ~Amazed!!!

I talked for many hours with Henry and Freja and i ended up going to bed at around 3am... and a long night it would be.. I had forgotten earplugs and sleeping-mask so I could not sleep because af all the snorring!!!!
so I went out trying to find somewhere else to sleep.. on some chairs, the floor and even a table.. as I was laying on some chair one of the workers at the camp asked me if I was okay.. I said to him that I could not sleep in the sleephall because of peoples snorring.. he had the same problem so he said that we could take out madrases and stuff and go into another room.. THAT WAS HEAVEN.. compared to the sleephall.. even-though several times during the night the lights would turn on and I had to go turn them off again... ~Irritating!!

We had some very nice breakfast so we were ready to take on the day!!!
Today we had to talked about some conflict cases and stuff in groups. We had to see if we could come up with solutions . A fun game we did was a water-bottle aka soda-bottle game.. we used a soda-bottle.. the first person had to say "soda" then the receiver had to say "what", then the first person should the "the soda" then the receiver should say "ahhh the soda". the receive should then pass it on the the next by saying "soda" then the new receiver should say "what" but the old receiver should not say anything but pass it on the the first person and they should "the soda". The soda-bottle would then be returned to the new receiver and they would say "Ahh the soda".. and so on!!! I was a very weird game but also very fun!! 

 We then had lunch and some hours after that the time for cleaning came!!  But before cleaning we had to here some presentation from previous volunteers or home comings. We had the change to ask question and just listen to their experiences and about their trip in foreign countries. And then we were given some great travel tips and packing-list!!! After cleaning the school, there was a small photo session, so ICYE could have a picture of everyone!! The bus came not long after and the trip home had started.. I was very lucky because the moment we arrived at Fredericia station my train came!! I had 3 minutes to catch it, so I ran!!!!! Luckily I made it in time!!! If not I would have had to wait an HOUR for the next one!!!! So not cool!!
Until next time remember to always be happy ~Kisses <3

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Blokhus with Ida and her family :-)

I went here Friday the 30th October to Sunday the 1st November, on a family trip (my bestfriends family).. But nothing really went as expected... If you want to know more then keep reading!! XD

My best friend Ida had asked me to join her and her family on a weekend trip to blokhus. A Danish vacation spot where many people go. We were 8 people including me. Besides me and Ida there were her father and his girlfriend, Ida's grandfather and grandmother, her uncle and aunt.
We had to drive from Esbjerg to Hørning (yes Hørning not Herning) Friday at around 2:30pm, where we then would meet up with Ilona (Ida's father's girlfriend) at around 4:00pm. Ida have a driver's License and her own car, so she would drive us to Hørning.

Just as we were about to leave the city in Ida's car something terrible happens Ida's car stopped when were just about to cross at traffic light!!! This was a first time for me. Her car did not want to turn on and people behind us started to go around us!!! We couldn't do anything neither could we get away because the car did not work... We had know idea what to do, but then Ida started to look for a number for roadhelp.. A nice man came up to us and asked if we needed some help to get the car away from the road!! So I jumped at of the car and we started to push the car away from the road. Many people kept glaring at us because we were "parking" on the road for bikes! There were even a dude on a bike who yelled "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PARKING HERE, DO YOU THINK IT'S A PARKING LOT" it was something like that!!! 
We had to wait about an hour to two hours for the roadhelp to come pick up the car and us so we could go to a mechanic. We found out that they could not fix the car at that moment and therefore we could not use it... Which ment that we had to take the train if we still wanted to go. So we took the train to Aarhus and Ilona would pick is up there. Her father and the others would meet us in Blokhus. 
On the train we ate a lot of candy and played the cardgame 500 ^ㅅ^

We arrived at Blokhus at around 9:30pm.. It was a were long and tiring day... and in top of that I also had a lot of migraine that day and had taken a bloodsample earlier that day (I really hate that.. it 's not pleasent).. So not a good day for me.. but when we came we had pizza for dinner, and that was great.

SATURDAY was the most fun one!! This day involved a lot of bathing and when I say a lot I mean a lot!!! 
Here are some pictures of the place we stayed in:

Our very messy bed...!!
I wonder what she is looking at!!
First I will say that yes it was in the of October and yes the Sea water was cold but man was it fun!! Ida said to me before we left that she loved "winter bathing" so of course since I'm her best friend she managed to give me a bad consciences because I did not want to do it.. she kept saying "ohh know one never wants to go with me" and "ohhh I'm always so alone when winter bathing". And because I'm a good friend I could not let her do it alone!!! In case you don't believe that we went into the Sea in our bikinis the 31th of October 2015, then here is a picture and video to make you believe!!!

When we got back we took a shower to warm ourselves up!!! Then we went out on a little shopping trip in Blokhus. Here is what I  bought:

We then got some lunch and boy did I eat many springrolls (Ida's aunt had made them. She is from Thailand!! ~ Yummi) and then it was of to the small indoor water park at the vacation center xD After about an hour there we went over to there wellness center. That was very nice. 

The Women's changing area.. we were the only people there!!! 
To the left is an outdoor swimmingpool.. would be nice in the summertime..
I loved the hot tub. It was very nice and relaxing. They even served free tea and coffee!! I had a cup of lemon tea and Ida had some coffee!! 
You would have thought that we were done with water that day, but noo that was not the case!!! In the apartment there were a bathtub and we wanted to use that. Because neither of us had used a bathtub for a long time!!! Ida had brought some bathingsalt with Jasmin scent (hahaha) to put into the water!!!

This was very nice just sitting in the warm water together and talking!! We then took a shower once again since we had to get ready for dinner.
Here is a picture of us ready for the restaurant:

We were going to at restaurant near the center called Rute 66. It was a very nice place and the food!!!! Ohh man the food was amazing. I have never tasted such great meat!!!!
After dinner we went back and we all played trivial pursuit the family edition xD 
Ida grandparents said to me that I too could call them grandmother and grandfather xD That made me very happy!!
Ida's aunt had brought a bottle of "små sure" (danish liquor) the green eddition!! She wanted me and Ida to empty the entire bottle with her.. so we had some shots here and there.. but we did not emtpy it...

SUNDAY Ida wanted to bath in the Sea again but I wasn't feeling up for it since i didn't feel to well so I skipped the second time but I did go see her bath.. She told me that the water was colder. So oh boy I'm I happy that I did not go!!
We left Blokhus at around 11:00am and were home in Esbjerg around 4:00pm.. It was a great trip but with many obstacles!!!
Before we left I had to return two of my newly bought leggins since there was holes in them... ~I'm so unlucky...
I hope you have been luckier then me!!! Many more unlucky things happened but I survived!!!

Stay well until next time and remember even I the darkest of times you can always find some light if you just look hard enough ~<3

Friday, 6 November 2015

FunSkate Esbjerg - 2015

Saturday the 24th of October 2015

Here comes a small post/update about one of my hobbies ^^
This day was very long and very exhausting! I was very stressed the day before because I had not recieved my figureskating dress. I had decieded to get it done by a professional, not because I couldn't have done it myself but I simply did not have the time for it because of GEEKcore (I previously made posts about this so click here to read them). But for some reason she manged to make the dress to small for me and to short!! Since the design of the dress was to complex she said she needed to make a hole new dress and therefore needed new fabric.. but when the fabric came it was the wrong kind and the wrong color... the armholes were the once that was to small but she could fix that but not the lenght.. only if she sewed on a piece of fabric on the inside... at that point I didn't care much about how she made the dress as long as I got it in time!!!
I was promised to recieve my dress on Tuesday, so I had enough time to put on rhinestones... but I got I on friday!!! Pissed I was... so ended up getting it for free!!! I had to much to do friday.. first of all I had a self morning practice with one of my friends from my figureskating team her name is Emma.. After that I went to get my dress.. then home because I had to bake pizzasnegle for ESK Figureskating Club so they could sell them at the competition... Then I had to go back to the skating rink because of practice with our traineer. Then home to get the rhinestone procces going... I finished at 10:30pm.. 

I had to go over to my mom's place because I had to work the next morning (super early). I had to wake up at 5:30am.. I finished work at 8:00am 
I had to go the the Rink at about 10:15am to make myself ready for the competetion. I had Maria to help me with my hair and make-up... BIG thanks to her and her awesome job... she really made me feel and look pretty ~Love UUU <3 <3

A little selfie so you can see my hair and make-up better!!

The program was delayed an hour but both my mom, dad, Ida and Maria waited patiently for my preformance!! 
Here is a video of my performance:

I was not completly satisfied with my presentation but since this is my second time doing a free program I was happy with it ^^ I WAS REALLY NERVOUS 
~REMEMBER I'm not a pro skater neiter have I been training figure skating since I was a child, I started 5-6 years ago as a hobby since I really enjoy it.. ^^
I'm dancing to "River Flows in You" by Yiruma

 Here are some pro pics that was taken during my preformance!!! They are quite nice!!

After my preformence I recieved roses and gifts!

I then changes into normal cloth and went home because there were a long time until the medal ceramony began... 

Here are some pictures from the in march:

I ended up getting a 3 place in my group (there were many other groups as well!!). My groups name was called "Master"..

ESK got a overall 2end place that was really nice. Here is A picture af the contestens from Esbjerg:

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post!!
Until next time stay cool!!!! ~Did you see what I did there <3 xD