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Extended weekend trip with my sister 08/01 - 12/01 2016

Okay first of all sorry that it has been so long since I made a blog post but I finally did something interesting!!!
The week after New Year I went with my sister to Copenhagen. She lives there but was briefly visiting us in Esbjerg. We took the train from Esbjerg friday around 17:30 after I finished my figure skating lesson. 

In the train XD
When we were about to go of the train my sister Sasha got a sudden "panic attack" she told me that she had forgotten her keys to her dorm-room... and as chill as I am, I just stood there looked at her, while she was almost crying. She keept saying "I have to go back to get them". To those of you who don't know it is a 3 hours trip both ways.. She ended up calling our father because she had no idea what she would do... me still being chill about it said to her.. "what about calling the landlord" (it is called something else but lets just go with landlord.. So she did.. even though taking care of stupid situations like this wasn't part of his job-description he ended up letting us borrow a room key and a front key.. very nice man indeed he was!!!
I didn't get a change to meet him because I was out buying our breakfast for the next day..
After we finally entered her Room, Sasha started to unpack and I made our bed.. we then I think we went to bed. Since it was a friday night and it was a place with a lot of young people, there was loud music, but I ended up falling to sleep.

We did not have that big planes that day so we woke up when we woke up. We then eat some buns we had brought with form Esbjerg to eat, with some cheese and honey that I bought the day before.
We then got dressed and watched some episodes of Game of Throne!!
After that we walked all the way to Rødover Centeres (Mall) I was around 2-3 km. But before that we got some lunch.. 

Yeah floor eating!!

Blackbread with CHEESE!!!

I ended up using my giftcard that I received for christmas in H&M and Matas (drug/cosmetic store)
When the stores closed we walked home and went to the convenient store to by some some breakfast and some alcohol. We bought a bottle of Cuba strawberry and some lime soda.
Sasha had had some pizzas we warmed in the oven.. but the oven was not that great so we had to hold the ovendoor or else it wouldn't be properly closed..
A selca of us standing in front of the oven ~Yeaah

Our food XD

After dinner it was drinking time!!! and boy did we get drunk. We played some drinking card games and ended up making silly drawing.. we ended up drawing each other. I drew Sasha to be an octopus ~hahah ang the little girl was Sasha trying to draw me.. besides that we also made blind drawings... mine turned out the best.. psst.. a little secret I have done it lots of times in art class ~hahaha

Sis drawing me.. You can also see the octopus I made of her ~hahah XD

Btw.. we drank the entire bottle of Cuba Strawberry in what i think was 2-3 hours... it was like 38 vol%


Later that night we went down to the bar located in the basement of the building and meetup with some of Sashas friends.. sorry no pics of this my phone was charging.. 
I think I had 3 more drinks and two shots.. but lets just say I got drunk... and so did my sis Sasha... I don't think I ever have been so drunk before.. this was also my first time drinking with my sister so I really enjoyed it! 
We played tablefootball against one of Sashas friends.. sorry name forgotten... we lost big time!! but I like to believe that we won ^^
Later I was talking to a guy with my sis next to me just staring into mid air. Suddenly she said "I want to go to bed now". And I was like okay.. and then we left and went to bed I think we got home around 3 or 4am.. -.-!

We had planes that day to go visit our grandparents in Helsinge and we had to be there at 3:00pm so I had set an alarm so we could get up at around 9:30am. And boy was that a good thing..Because sis had lost her phone the other night down in the bar, and again she was all over the place.. Come on who isn't when you loose your precious phone!! She found it thanks to her friend having a key for the bar. 
We then checked our travel plan and then we realised that we had to leave in around 15 min or else we would arrive late. So we had to leave in a hurry!! Both of us had a really bad hangover, headache and all. The only thing I could think about was Mc Donald's Chilli Cheese Tops!! Sasha had some how similar urges but for 7-Elevens version of them.. a lot more spicier though. I ate two while Sasha ate four!!! She has a big stomach then she has a hangover.. I on the other hand has a small one.... 
To get to Helsinge we had to take two busses and a train... normally you can just take the train.. but because of some track work, the trains were cancelled.. to bad for us... -.-
We arrived on time and came to Birthe's (my grandfathers wife) jewelry-shop. I had the same night down in the bar broken my blodstone ring which my mom had given to my for christmas (very fragile stone)  ;_;
But Birthe said I could pick any ring I wanted and so I did. Sasha picked some nice earrings. 
We then drove to their house which is out in the middle of nowhere but a very nice place. 
Our grandfather was home and Birthe had bought some cake so we had cake and tea while talking. 
After cake we went to a restaurant named "Far til 4" or "Farther to 4". 


I had I garlic steak not the best I have tried. Sasha was not very happy with hers ether but it was okay ^^ 
We then went home and sat down to talk some more. Then is was of to bed.
Our room. It was their old bedroom but they changed.


Today was Sashas 23th birthday and it was a really good day!!
We woke up a 7am since we had planes later and Birthe had to go to work. They had a tube so we wanted to be in it together.. we havn't done that since we were kids. We then had breakfast a 8am, the traditional way with rundstykker, and some cakelike bread. Then Birthe went to work. Our grandfather were to drive us to Hilledrød so we could take the train from there to Hellerup. But before we left the house he gave us each 500 kr. ~Lovely!!
In Hellerup we went to the Korean Embassy so I could apply for my visa (I will be living there for 6 months). 


We then took the train to copenhagen station because we would be shopping some more. Sasha ended up buying a wintercoat with real fur and some warm boots. I bought some very nice denim jeans.
My birthday present for Sasha was a lunch at Jensens Bøf house, which she really wanted. We both got some nice steaks and an amazing dessert.. belgian waffle with softice and chocolatesauce ~Yummi!!!


Then we went home to Sashas dorm-room and watched the rest of season one of game of thrones.. for dinner we had roasted blackbread. 

I went home to Esbjerg around 11:30am because I had a figure skating lesson to get to later. So nothing exiting happend that day. But overall this extended weekend had been really funny and interesting and I was really happy to have spend so much time with my sister, since I will be leaving Denmark soon so I will not see her for 6 months. But as I said to my sister "this is going to be a great new year for us both". She has also a lot planned.. she will be going to Sweden to work with slede-dogs and then back to South Africa this summer. I'm very happy for her!!

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