Friday, 6 November 2015

FunSkate Esbjerg - 2015

Saturday the 24th of October 2015

Here comes a small post/update about one of my hobbies ^^
This day was very long and very exhausting! I was very stressed the day before because I had not recieved my figureskating dress. I had decieded to get it done by a professional, not because I couldn't have done it myself but I simply did not have the time for it because of GEEKcore (I previously made posts about this so click here to read them). But for some reason she manged to make the dress to small for me and to short!! Since the design of the dress was to complex she said she needed to make a hole new dress and therefore needed new fabric.. but when the fabric came it was the wrong kind and the wrong color... the armholes were the once that was to small but she could fix that but not the lenght.. only if she sewed on a piece of fabric on the inside... at that point I didn't care much about how she made the dress as long as I got it in time!!!
I was promised to recieve my dress on Tuesday, so I had enough time to put on rhinestones... but I got I on friday!!! Pissed I was... so ended up getting it for free!!! I had to much to do friday.. first of all I had a self morning practice with one of my friends from my figureskating team her name is Emma.. After that I went to get my dress.. then home because I had to bake pizzasnegle for ESK Figureskating Club so they could sell them at the competition... Then I had to go back to the skating rink because of practice with our traineer. Then home to get the rhinestone procces going... I finished at 10:30pm.. 

I had to go over to my mom's place because I had to work the next morning (super early). I had to wake up at 5:30am.. I finished work at 8:00am 
I had to go the the Rink at about 10:15am to make myself ready for the competetion. I had Maria to help me with my hair and make-up... BIG thanks to her and her awesome job... she really made me feel and look pretty ~Love UUU <3 <3

A little selfie so you can see my hair and make-up better!!

The program was delayed an hour but both my mom, dad, Ida and Maria waited patiently for my preformance!! 
Here is a video of my performance:

I was not completly satisfied with my presentation but since this is my second time doing a free program I was happy with it ^^ I WAS REALLY NERVOUS 
~REMEMBER I'm not a pro skater neiter have I been training figure skating since I was a child, I started 5-6 years ago as a hobby since I really enjoy it.. ^^
I'm dancing to "River Flows in You" by Yiruma

 Here are some pro pics that was taken during my preformance!!! They are quite nice!!

After my preformence I recieved roses and gifts!

I then changes into normal cloth and went home because there were a long time until the medal ceramony began... 

Here are some pictures from the in march:

I ended up getting a 3 place in my group (there were many other groups as well!!). My groups name was called "Master"..

ESK got a overall 2end place that was really nice. Here is A picture af the contestens from Esbjerg:

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post!!
Until next time stay cool!!!! ~Did you see what I did there <3 xD

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