Monday, 21 September 2015

Genki 2015 - Friday the 31th (First real day at the con)

SOOOOO SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE!!! I have been really busy with all kinds of stuff! ^^

Friday came without warning!
I woke up pretty early so I would have enough time to make myself ready because we had another staff meeting at 10:00am, and I needed a shower, so I woke up at 7:15am! ^^
I went to to take a shower and there were only me and a girl named Michelle (very nice)^^ She told me that there was no hot water, and therefore the water was ICE COLD!!!! I felt that I could die any minute at that time!!! All though it was cold I managed to wash my hair as well... @_@!! 
Despite the cold morning I wouldn't let that ruin my day.. Besides the cold WOKE UP REALLY FAST!!!*_*
When I came back everyone from my team had already eaten breakfast.. (Peter/teamleader had bought it for us), so I had to eat breakfast alone ~SadFace, but breakfast was nice ^^

Here is a picture of the remaining ~Yeah!!

After the meeting at 10:00am it was time to set up the Café Sweet Vanilla booth at Community corner. I had some days before made the baner for our booth:

The Banner for our booth! ^^
Here is a pic of our booth next to Cosplay Couch ^^

When we put up the banner we got some help from Cosplay Couch
 and they were very nice people and it happened to be these people I would hangout with the most during the convention.!

Here are some pics of the people from Cosplay Couch:

The convention opened at 12:00pm and many guests had already been standing outside waiting for the convention to open!! I was very surprised to see people arrive at 10:00am!! \(*o*)/
 Because of some misunderstandings and problems with the eventprogram... I had to hold a Ninja Event at around 13:00pm
To those of you who doesn't know what ninja is, then it's a stopmotion game. You have to hit your enemies hands one by one and look out for your own and it goes in turn! Click here to see a video that shows you what ninja is! (I don't own this video!!)
Hosting this event was really fun but most of the participants were staffers..!! ^^

After hosting the Ninja event I went to look around the dealer hall/Expo hall. Here I meet two of my very good friend Maria and Ditte! I bought some stuff here but since most of the thing that I bought was presents I did not take pictures of them. But I bought a Japanese candy called Mochi (ricecakes with grape filling) ~very good btw!! See picture below! XD

For lunch I bought a sandwich because the staffers could get it cheap XD we got these little paper ting which we could turn in for a sandwich. I bought 3 of them so one for each day! It tasted very good! I got the one with chicken XD

Before I went to Genki I had decided to go to some events XD one of the events was a calligraphy workshop!! That was so fun ^^ We had to learn how to write Mountain()is the Japanese way of writing it. It was a fun workshop and the teacher was very funny and nice! ^^

After the workshop I had to sit at the back entrance to check the guests bracelets to make sure that only staffers and guest entered the convention... It was so boring but I had company! so I wasn't alone because we had to be two people on duty ^^
I had so much energy and had a hard time sitting stil.. partly because I WAS FREEZING!! It was very cold!! But I borrowed a planket from some very nice people!! 
My shift ended at 11:00pm and I had around 1 hour until my next started (Otaku Hour).. So I entered gameroom with the people from cosplay couch and we played Tekken.. It was fun! ^^
It was also at this time that horror night had started which was held in gameroom! they were playing Five Nights of Freddy! I finde that game scary and confusing!! XP

The clock almost struck 12:00am and otaku Hour were about to start. The first round: the participants had to drink two sodas, then do a small run, then spin 5 times.. and then drink two more sodas!!! It was funny to look at... ^^ It was Kim from cosplay Couch that won the challenge!

The next one was a spicy noodle challenge! And if I remember correctly it was one of the teamleaders form another team that won this one! But I not entirely sure!

A picture of the noodles XD

The was the end of friday but before I went to bed I bought a pair of earplugs so I could sleep!!! I was in Heaven!!! ^^

I promise to make sure that the next two blog post will be up later this week XD
So until next time remember to be yourself because everyone else is taken! XD

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