Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Genki 2015 - Thursday the 30th of July!!!

So a week has passed since I was attending Genki 2015..!! so I thought that is was time to make a blog post about it... But since this week has been a little stressed (I will write about it later), I didn't have time to write any new posts...!!!
BUT now I finally found some time to make one!!

So let's get started....!!!
I usually work at Genki as a volunteer, since I find it to expensive to go to Sjælland  (one of the islands of Denmark) for a convention.. So in order to save some money on the ticket, I work... I have many friends that work as well, so I don't mind working..! 
I decided half a year ago that I wanted to work for the eventteam this year and since I know both of the teamleders for event I asked if they needed anymore helpers... ^^
They did!!! So I joined the event team.. 
Genki is a 3 days anime/manga convention and this year (for the 3. year in a row) it was held in Farum (a city on Sjælland) which started on friday the 31th of July o(*^*)o

I came THURSDAY since I wanted to help put up the convention and help preparing for friday to come!!
I had to take the bus from Esbjerg to Copenhagen since the train tracks from Esbjerg to Kolding was closed do to renovation. Since one of my friends Siw (together with 3 others "Morten, Rune and Sabrina)  would come friday and her little brother (Mark) wanted to come Thursday, so he went with me to the convention sight. We took the bus at 8:50 am Thursday together. It was fun on the bus and we ended up playing logoquiz on his phone!!!
A really weird thing happened to me on the bus though!!
I thought that I saw one of my friends cousins!! Because they looked so alike.. I ended up writing to my friend and I sent a picture of him (I know that wasn't nice... but I had to know!!)... My friend told me that they did look alike, but that it wasn't him because he was sick and therefore at home!!
I was very much shocked, because I really thought that it was him!!
We arrived to CPH and we then took the S-train to Farum and arrived at Farum arena at 2:30 pm so a long travel it was!!

At first, when we arrived I didn't have that much to do since the eventteam had not arrived yet but Mark's teamleader was there so he found his team.. so I ended up helping other teams and later I walked back to Farum station with a dear friend of mine named Emil, because we had to pick up one of his friends but also because we had to buy some food!!!
When I arrived back, the teamleaders from event (Martin and Peter) had arrived. So we started preparing for Otaku Central and the 2 Eventrooms.. The only picture I have from Otaku Central is from the manga corner... (see below) ^^ ~sorry!
Manga corner (Otaku Central)
In the evening the eventteam decided to buy dinner... so we had it brought to us.. I brought (still need to pay it back though ~bad girl!) a Dürum with meat ~It was good!!
It became a bit late and we therefore had to go to a meeting for all the volunteers who had arrived Thursday. The meeting started at round 8:00 pm!! We got a lot of information during this meeting and the leaders were very happy to see so many volunteers the day before the convention would start! They sad that it wa the first time they had experiences that so many volunteers had arrived the day before the conventions start!!! That was nice to hear \(*^*)/

After the meeting ended we were able to be checked in... first it was Alpaca Lounge because it was done alfabetical.... The time for event to check in came and here we received a back with Genki's logo. In the back was two t-shirt (with Genki's Logo), a soda (mine was cola ~gross #MeNotLike), a little back of chips (I gave mine away it was salted chip #NotMyFaves) and the most important thing was of cause the VIP ACCESS badge WUUP WUUP!! o(=^.^=)o
See pictures below!
Some of the stuff we received!
While we were waiting to be checked in, I was playing Cards Against Humanity with some friends. We played two rounds...!
The first round I lost BIG TIME!!! ~(T^T)~ I didn't even get a single card!!! I was so disappointed.. since I used to be so good at this game!! But I guess I just had received some unlucky cards... (#^-^#) Because I won the second round!!!!! We had to get 5 card to win and before I didn't even get one!!! So everyone was really surprised because I won and therefore got 5 cards!!! :3 
After the second round I went to bed since I was very late and I was tired!(´O´) ~Yawn

This is the end of the first day!! Look forward to read about the 1. real day (friday)of Genki 2015!!!
Have a nice day and remember always to stay true to yourself! ~Kisses J-Me

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