Saturday, 25 July 2015

My B-Day the 13th of July!! ^^

Okay so I know that it's a bit long ago but I still wanted to make a post about it!!
So my B-day was the 13th of July and I turned 20!! It's so weird to think that I turned 20 ~Gosh time flies by so fast... ^^

Before I start I would like to say thanks to all of my friends and family for celebrating me!! I had an amazing day!! ~(' ^ ')~ 

The day before my B-day I had to work but after that I had plans with Maria.. We went to fitness where we attended both Zumba and Yoga.. It was really fun and after the classes had finished we went out to the the main hall.. here we saw someting/someone.. and that cought our attention.. so we decided to work out some more because we could not leave just yet... So after about 15-20 minuts had passed we went out to take a shower... not soon after we had left the fitness center.. Maria starts to talk about SunSet (a fastfood chain).. after a serious descussion we decided to buy a sandwich and then eat it at my place... so we went on our bikes and bicycled home... (It was a day filled with training).. My dad was not at home when we got home so we enjoyed our sandwiches in the kitchen and played some loud music YEAH K-POP IT WAS!! 

Some hours passed and Maria went home and then my best friend Ida arrived later that day!! It had been a long time since I last had seen her so I was very happy to spend some time together with her alone... In the evening we saw Footloose (1984) because she had only seen the new one and I was disappointed since I think that the old one is far better!!! (' ^ ') when we had to sleep we made a deal I would massage her feet and she would gently touch my hair until I fell asleep.. (I don't remember falling asleep and neither did she) hihi <3

The next day I woke up at around 9 am and the guests would arrive at 10:30 am. So we hurried up and started to prepare. The first gust to arrive was my mom YEAH. She would help my dad, and together they prepared the food and table. The next one was Lasse (one of best friends), so my sister and her fiancé Niels, then came my Grandmother, Grandfather and uncle.. The last ones to arrive was Louise (Lucy) and Maria!! <3
We then had breakfast (the danish way)... There was rundstykker (Bread), cheese, pålægchokolade (chocolate for bread), salmon, fruits (melon), coffee, tea, juice and much more!!
A typical danish breakfast also has cake and we had a strawberry tart ~Yummi!! 
Here is some pictures:

After cake Lasse, Ida, Maria, Louise and I went down to my room to talk. We then decided to do a little game of "Who am I". We would all write 5-6 thing/famous people down on their own piece of paper and then we had to take one and place it on our forehead without seeing it. ^^
Here is a picture of two of my friends (left Ida - Right Lasse)~You can't see it but on Idas forehead there is written "Mr. Gray" and on Lasses is written "Enhjørning" (Unicorn):

We then had to guess what we were by asking yes/no questions. It was really fun \(^o^)/ 
After everyone had left; besides Ida, my mom and dad and my sister and Niels, me and Ida decided to go out to eat dinner at Jensens Bøfhus
On our way to the restaurant and at the restaurant. We were well dressed since it was my B-day (Ida is to the right and I'am to the left. The one in the purple cloth):

As an appetiser we got garlic bread with cheese. The main dish was beef and for dessert we got icecream ~YUMMI <3 
We got the icecream for free because it was my B-Day!! ~Shout out to Jensens Bøfhus for giving the B-day "children" and his/her guests as well free icecream!! :3
Here is some pictures of our food:

The day ended with a new cake togehter at my place (home).. Not soon after we had eaten the cake, the time came for me to say goodbye to Ida and wishing her a good trip to Turkey...
Here is some pictures of the second cake:

I had to work the day after my B-day so I went together with my mom to her place because it's very near to where I work!!
A lot happened that night and some tears were shared but... I would not let it ruin my great day. So overall it was a good day even though some harsh things were said.. but I when I think back I believe that I needed to here them.. ^^
Thanks for reading my post.. have a great day and remember "You can do everthing if you just believe in yourself" ~Love J-me <3 

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