Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Genki 2015 - Saturday 1st August

SATURDAY came and I woke up at 7:13am and directly went to take a shower!! This Time I was lucky because the water was not cold yet not warm but somewhere in between. After the nice shower I went to get some breakfast, which Peter (teamleader) had bought. I had to pay 10 kr. to eat but I think that was a fair deal!!

One of the events I wanted to go to was Wig Workshop, but I wasn’t sure if I could make it because I had to host an event at 11:00. So I could only stay for 1 hour. But Allan (He owns Geekcore, which is the next con I will go to) asked me if I wanted to come and join… I thought HELL YEAH but I had to go not soon after but it was really cool to get to participate!! Michelle (one of my good friend) had also joined. I left the event about 10 minutes before 11:00 and meet op with Maria the one I had to host the event (Ninja) with only to learn that we did not have to host the event because another mistake had been made!! We were kinda disappointed so we asked Mikkel (Groupleader) about hosting the event anyways if we could get people to join. He said yes! So we went outside, were we ran around asking people to join Ninja! And people came but not quite enough. So we borrow the microphone from the outdoor stage and asked again. Which resulted in more people joining. Here is a picture, which shows the amount of people joining: 
Ninja ~So fun!!! There were even pirates!! 

After the event I went over to HQ (Head Quarters), the place for staffer to get information and food! I picked up my sandwich with chicken. Then I went around and talked with friends and I meet Martin (another teamleader). We went around together around dealerhall/expohall and looked at stuff.

Pocky Stick with Greentea taste ~It was really bad!!
 I saw some people running around with traditional Japanese food called taiyaki. I had always wanted to try them so we went outside to take a look at the food stalls and I bought one! I was very excited but that excitement soon disappeared… the taste was reater weird but still good I liked it and I did not like it. The redbean paste had a texture, which I did not like but the taste was good though. I believe I would have loved it if there weren’t that much redbean paste inside, because I had to take some of it out.  Martin bought some shaved ice with lemon taste! I was surprised at how good it was ~very delicious ^^ The Worbla Workshop was about to start and I wanted to join but before the convention you had to sign up. Sadly I had forgotten to do that which was also the case for the wig workshop (but I could still join). So I thought if they are lacking people then I would love to join. To my luck there was not enough people so I joined. Be had to pair up with other people and my partner was a guy (whose name I sadly have forgotten ~Gomenasai).  Here is a picture of my finished project ~it’s my first time
making this so I’m sorry if it looked weird!! 

After the workshop was over we got to take some of the worbla/foam with us home. That was pretty cool because I can try it again and maybe this time make something a bit prettier ^^ 
You can see the worbla underneath the foam XD

Martin, Peter, Firat and Anders, had decided to cosplay the Fake PowerPuff Girls. So here is a picture of that. 

 Martin the changed into normal cloths and we went out to get something to eat from the food stalls. We got fried chicken ~very delicious!!A bit later I found the people from cosplay couch. They went around with a speaker and scarred the crap out of people with creepy sounds. I joined them and it was kind of fun but I also felt sorry for the people they scarred.
I meet one of my great friend named Laurits and talked to him and asked him if he was going to otaku hour which I was again hosting together with other teammates. He said that he was going to come see it and maybe participate.
Here are some pictures from the challenges. For the second challenge (spicy noodle challenge) Laurits joined. He is the 1. Asian in the picture that you see!


 After otaku hour I went to bed at 2:30am

Soon I will make a cosplay post so you can see the progress of my new cosplay for Geekcore!
I will also finish the post on Genki!!!


  1. #powerbuff
    Btw, the random fourth dude in the powers puff costume is Anders :)

  2. #powerbuff
    Btw, the random fourth dude in the powers puff costume is Anders :)