Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My New Years Resolutions 2017

One of my friends made her New Years Resolutions so I thought that I wanted to make one of my own as well. If you are curious about her Resolutions you can read them here Beautywithlucy

Last year I did not make any official resolutions og thats why I wanted to make some this year. Also so that I can keep track of them, and hopefully not forget them.
I have been thinking and thinking about what I wanted to change and do better. I have decided that I wanted to come up with 10-13 resolutions but maybe that will be to many. The reason for this many is because there are so many things I want to do and some things that I want to do better. I am really good at neglecting my family I forget them offen and only in times of need I contact them. I REALLY WANT TO CHANGE THAT... Some of them I might not be able to do to all out because of the lack of money and time be we will see at the end of the year ^^

Some of my resolutions are similar to that of Lucy's but I hope that is okay. I just thought that they where really good.

  1. Traveling to 2-4 countries this year
  2. Participate in a cosplay show
  3. Blog more
  4. Be more active aka. working out more
  5. Making 1-3 new cosplays
  6. See my family more
  7. Try to clean out unnecessary things.
  8. Go to 3-4 conventions
  9. Learn to play violin and learn to sing
  10. Try to go vegan
  11. Blog about my adventure to South Korea before the end of February
  12. Getting my splits
  13. Visit friends more
I think that is it... I will give myself 1-2 weeks from now to change them, but I think this is it ^^ 

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