Sunday, 13 March 2016

Work and Catcafe in Myeongdong

다람쥐반 (daramjwiban - squirrel class) is the name of the class that I was a teacher in. The other 2 classes is called 판다반 (panda class) and 사자반 (tiger class). It was a hard week. I tried to play a lot with the children and it was really fun.

First week was a mess because everything was so new both for me and the children. Some of the children spends most of the days crying because of the absence of there partents. I tried to take care of them, but lets just say I did not know what to do.

One of the days during this week, there was an art class where the children had to play with wet clay.

It was such a mess but they looked like they had fun.

I had been told that I had to help out with swimclass but since I did not have a bathingsuit I had to wait until it would arrive. Songpa YMCA would give me one. So until it will arrive I will have to wait on the sideline and help out there.

One of the cute girls drew a drawing of me for me. She have the drawing in front of her.

During the weekend me and Linda met up to go to a Catcafe in Myeongdong

There where so many cute cate.
Before you enter the cafe you have to place your shoes in a shoelocker and up on some slippers.
To enter the cafe you also have to pay an entrance fee but in that fee you also get a free drink.

They even had a display of all of there cats and there names

And here are a lot of cute pictures of the cats!!

One of the cats had fun on top af the counter ^^

After our small trip to the Cate Cafe, Linda and I became hungry so we looked around Myeongdong to finde something delicious to eat. We fell across a restaurant where that sell donggaseu 돈까스 (cheesy porkcutlet) and ddeokbokki  떡볶이(spicy ricecakes).


We then ended our day/week and went home after we had looked around in the shops around Myeongdong.

To be earnest some weird things happend to me this week... and it was all the same day...
It was Wednsday the 9. March:

Since I'm a volunteer in Songpa YMCA, they told me that they wanted to make a promotion about me. So they said that I should writhe down an introduction about myself in korean and then give then a picture of me so they could make a giant poster with my face on, so that everyone that comes in and out of the building could see that I'm a volunteer there... I don't know what I feel about that but in the same time it's pretty cool. So I gave them a picture that I had taken while I had walked on the snowy mountain a week ago.

later that day when I was in the subway on my way home, there was this drunk man sitting down, just staring at me and smiling. He started talking to me in korean, and I was trying to ignore him but at some point he takes out his phone and starts pointing the camera at me. Then the camera goes off.. HE took a picture, but luckily my arm was in the was so he did not get a picture of my face. He started talking to me again saying that I should remove my arm so he could take a picture.. I did not know what to do so a started to panic a little bit and before I could think I had said, stop it! (in korean in a rude way). I felt so bad.. so I just walked away since it was almost my stop... If I could go back I would have said please stop that in more polite korean.

The weird day did not stop there..
I came to the apartment building where I live, and outside was some men and a big camera. They stood in front of the door, and when they saw me they walked away. I came closer to the door and when I had nearly arrived at the door, they came walking towards me with the camera and mics. I was so shocked. They started asking me questions about the apartment, and if I liked it's location, and about how many people we were living there and so on. I said that the location was fine, it was not to far away from the subway st, around 10-15 mins walk og that we lived 4 people there. They told me that they were from YMCA and that they came to look at the apartment (from the outside). After around 5 min with talking, I began to feel uncomfortable and they could see it on me, so they told me that I could leave. I then went inside.

I dont know who they were or what they wanted, but no harm was done so I'm okay. That does not mean that I wasn't shocked... I was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time... 

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